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8 Lane Giant Scalextric Track

Looking for something different for you staff party, or birthday? Why not hire our giant top of the range 8 lane scalextric track, fully computerised, with floodlighting, and a great selection of cars, great for the big kid in you. Hire includes;

*2 Staff

*1 score board


*Area required 6m x 4m

*Power required 1 x 13amp socket

Giant 7ft Stig Operation

The stig version of the kids game 'operation' is great fun at any party.

Contestants must remove the varies car parts from the racing drivers body without setting off the bell.

Car parts include, spark plug, track rod ends, shock absorber, gear box etc. Looks fantastic and very industrial, edged with steel effect and illuminated by a yellow workshop light on a tripod.

*Area required - 3m x 2m

*Power requirements - 1 x 13 amp socket

Ps4 Driving Simulator

The latest ps3 driving simulators with HD tv & kickback steering. Who says all the kids have to have all the fun. Perfect in any party. simulators with top gear magnetic score cards. Each person does 2 laps (5 mins max) and the fastest male/female at the end gets a stig trophy.

*Area required - for 2 is 3m x 3m

*power requirements - 1 x 13 amp socket

Batak Pro Reaction

The batak pro reaction/co-ordination test machine is great fun, used by F1 drivers and Athelets to test hand co-ordination and reflexes.

*Area required 3m x 3m

*Power requirements 1 x 13 amp socket

Giant Buzzers

Giant sparkplug/ Highway maintenance buzzer great fun at any party, Have you got a steady hand? Compete against your friends to see who the steady champ is.

*Area required 3m x 2m

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